A Dollhouse Room Box Kit – Unboxing & Building

I recently purchased this room box kit from Amazon for $22.95. There’s little description, but the set is 1:24 scale (1/2 scale) and comes with all the accessories pictured.

It arrived at my door on Halloween. I’ve never purchased a full dollhouse room box kit before, although I have had furniture kits. So, let’s go through this one together.

What’s in the Box

An instruction booklet (all in Japanese, but with lots of pictures), glue and…

Supplies to make:

  • 1 couch
  • 1 fainting couch
  • 1 side table
  • 1 coffee table
  • 2 foot rests
  • 1 floor lamp and 1 wall lamp with battery operated lights
  • 28 books (paper)
  • 6 – 10 pillows
  • 1 telephone
  • 10 + flower vases/baskets
  • 1 TV
  • 4 cups and 3 plates/bowls
  • 2 shelving units
  • 1 decorative wall piece with shelf
  • 1 wooden floor and 2 wallpapered walls
  • plexi glass pieces
  • alcohol serving tray and accessories
  • 1 rug (paper)
  • 3 teacups and saucers (paper)
  • 1 teapot
  • fruit bowl
  • 3 candles and holders
  • 4 pictures (paper)
  • 6 butterfly decorations (paper)
  • 1 bookend

Putting it all Together

Just an fyi that I did not make all the possible accessories, but I did make the majority of everything possible.

Aside from what was in the box I also used small scissors, needle nose pliers and aleene’s fast grab tacky glue.

Room & Furniture

For the wallpaper I chose to use scrapbook paper rather than what was provided.

The drawer details are simply paper images that you cut out and glue on. For added depth you can make drawer pulls from provided wire.


To wire the lamps, you have to construct them with the provided bulb, then strip the ends of the 2 wires attached to the bulb and twist them to the wires attached to the battery pack. I had a horrible time properly stripping each wire end, but all in all the lights work perfectly.

The turquoise flowers pictured did not come in this kit, however, the directions include info on making your own similar flowers

For the pillows I opted to glue instead of sewing. I highly encourage sewing, the glue was way more mess than it was worth. The 2 shiny ones pictured have tape around them until the glue dries. It’s a good idea to cut squares out of paper to the size you want your pillows to be, then to cut the fabric with a good bit of seam allowance. The kit does not come with patterns.


So that’s that. What do you think? I’ll be working on a photo series with this set this coming week, so stay tuned.

Have you ever built a dollhouse room box? Do you ever plan to? What would you have done differently? Let me know in a comment below.

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28 Replies to “A Dollhouse Room Box Kit – Unboxing & Building”

  1. This is magnificent! Certainly beats my old cardboard boxes with contact-covered boxes, lol. Plus my bulbs never had coverings, they were left simply the bulb. Which has me wondering now why on earth I didn’t make something.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Have to admit, I was the envy of my class-mates with my “house of boxes”. That was until they were collateral damage after my mother was like a heat-seeking missile in search of the carpet snake that went behind them on its way to get our new-born kittens. In her defence I shall say she did get the snake and save the kittens!


          1. No, this was SO last century. My mother wouldn’t have wasted photos on such “trivial” things. The bonus of the digital age, one can now take photos of anything and everything just for the heck of it!😄


          2. Of course not, this was SO last century. My mother wouldn’t have wasted photos on such “trivial” things. The bonus of the digital age, one can now take photos of anything and everything just for the heck of it!😄


  2. So cute! I had no idea you had to assemble all the pieces. Guess that is what makes it fun, plus adding your own touches to the decorations. :)


    1. Thank you! My boyfriend opened the box while I was at work to make sure it was what I was expecting and was terrified that I didn’t know what I was getting into. It is definitely part of the fun, as well as the frustration, and hence why there were some things I left alone as I knew I would never use them.


    1. Thank you! I could have gone in to so much more detail but that would have been the longest post ever, so I hope this overview goes in depth enough for anyone who decides to make their own.

      Liked by 1 person

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