My PhotoJax 2014 in Review

I had a great PhotoJax weekend! Local Exposure was super packed with so many people and I had quite a lot of friends come out and support. CoRK was great as always- it's constantly changing and it's always interesting to see the new artists and their studios. Here are a few pictures from the weekend:... Continue Reading →

23 on the 23rd

Today is my 23rd birthday! Tonight I will celebrate with friends and this weekend I'll celebrate by participating in all the PhotoJax activities (I swear they have it on my birthday weekend on purpose ;) ). Have a lovely day everyone!

PhotoJax 2014

PhotoJax 2014 is almost here! And you know what would be a great birthday gift to me? If you would share the PhotoJax 2014 experience with me! Yea, that's right, my birthday is on the 23rd (turning 23 on the 23rd, you jealous?) and PhotoJax starts the 24th! I have pieces I've submitted to #photojaxhoods... Continue Reading →

#photojaxhoods entries

Photojax 2014 is coming up (January 24th-25th) and this years hashtag project is #photojaxhoods where you take pictures of your neighborhood. The deadline was originally January 5th but has been extended to the 20th. So far I've entered 4 images- landscape isn't really my thing, but I still wanted to enter a few. Live in... Continue Reading →

PhotoJax 2014

Photojax2014 will take place January 23rd -25th, 2014! The date has just been announced. In the meantime, take time to peruse the 2013 PhotoJax500 project. Just click the image below.  

My PhotoJax 2013 in Review

To see more images of the festivities: 904 Happy Hour Most Wanted Photography Instagram tags: PhotoJax500 CoRK PhotoJax Somewhere in the City I hear tale of a couple articles coming out about this weekend's turn out soon. Stay tuned.

Arbus’ PhotoJax Write-up

  To view this month's full issue of Arbus Magazine, and to read this text more clearly, click here.

Local Exposure

I got in to Gallery 725's "Local Exposure" show that opens this Thursday at 6pm! I'm not sure which piece will be on display, but it is one or more of these. I saw a lot of the other entries and it's sure to be a great show. Please come out and support Jacksonville's local... Continue Reading →

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