Instant Film and Toy Photography

We're all familiar with the Polaroid camera. Whether you've used one or not, you know the name is synonymous with the art of instant photography. But, did you know that its invention began in 1928? The History of Polaroid The first Polaroid camera, the Model 95, was then introduced in 1948 and was offered for... Continue Reading →

PhotoJax 2014

Photojax2014 will take place January 23rd -25th, 2014! The date has just been announced. In the meantime, take time to peruse the 2013 PhotoJax500 project. Just click the image below.  

An Interview with David Levinthal, The Father of Miniature Photography

Last semester I did a project for my photo history class on David Levinthal. I took a chance and e-mailed his studio. To my surprise and delight he responded! On top of that, he gave me permission to share his responses to my questions with you! Below is David Levinthal's answer to the questions: Why do you... Continue Reading →

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