Coliseum Composites

I've been going through some of my images from my Italy trip last year. Here are some composites I created from anywhere from 4-28 images of the Coliseum. They still need some tweaking, but they are well on their way.

Closing Exhibit

Artistic Migrations closes this Friday. Go while you still have the chance. UNF Gallery

Open ’til October 12th

This Month’s Arbus

This month's Arbus Magazine features an article by Dr. Murphy about the faculty show at MOCA, the student show that opened today at UNF, and the show about the Vietnam War opening tomorrow. Check it out. Read the full issue here.

Artistic Migrations opens tomorrow night in the UNF Gallery of Art. The opening reception is from 5-8pm. If you have the chance, please come out.

Italy Show

If you get a chance, go check out all the wonderful photographs produced by the photography students on the UNF Italy study abroad this summer. They are on display by the International Center in the Student Union building at UNF.

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