Rewrite | Small Surrealism, Toy Photographers Blog

I wrote about Surrealism on the Toy Photographers blog in 2017. While I had been using surrealist tenants in my work (like illustrating my dreams), this was the first time I wrote about it. My goal when writing for the Toy Photographers blog that year was to be motivational, to really show everyone that toy... Continue Reading →

My Muses

I wrote a list back in April of 2017 on about my 5 favorite figures to photograph. While those 5 will always remain near and dear to my heart, my current muses are much different.

Life of Toy Photographers, 2017

There's a brand new book that I'm happy to announce! - Life of Toy Photographers, 2017 It's a look back at the artists of over the last year. I was part of the team that brought it to fruition, designing the print version of the cover and interior layout. You can also find a spread... Continue Reading →

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