My Muses

I wrote a list back in April of 2017 on about my 5 favorite figures to photograph. While those 5 will always remain near and dear to my heart, my current muses are much different. 

Here, in brief is my old list:



My current list is comprised of both figures I have and figures I intend to have, and items that aren’t figures at all. The items that have been circling my mind and bringing me photo ideas.

I’ve been inspired so fully by these dollhouses as of late, most specifically my grey one (more details on that house in a future post).

And here they are.

  • Victoria’s Dollhouse painted grey – I got this house over 2 years ago, finally built it last year over the course of a few months, then found and sourced furniture and accessories for it that I painted all the same shade of grey, to match Body Chan’s plastic tone
  • SH Figuarts Body Chan – the 1:12 scale inspiration for my monochrome dollhouse and further photo series
  • TBLeague 1/12 Seamless Body – this one I don’t have just yet, but I have ideas for her circling in my mind. She’ll have a less structured series I think, which I may just need when I finish up my Monochrome/Polychrome work
  • And tiny 1:12 scale clothing I intend to give to the TBLeague doll upon her arrival. These are just examples, not necessarily my final selection.

What are you really into photographing or dreaming about photographing these days?

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