MOSH Toytopia in Pictures

Went to MOSH's Toytopia exhibit the night of the Playworld Mini Comic-Con. But I'll admit, I was much more interested in the exhibit on the history of toys. A little disappointed that it was mostly pictures, but had fun regardless. Click an image to view it larger.

120+ Photographs of People with Toys, Library of Congress, 1840-1950

As we well know, toys are as old as time - A Timeline of the History of Miniatures: From Ritual and Religious Object to Plaything and CollectibleThe History and Psychology of Toys But toy photography, my research topic of choice, cuts out the human owners from the scene. Symbolic depictions of me are in all my work,... Continue Reading →

A Timeline of the History of Miniatures: From Ritual and Religious Object to Plaything and Collectible

A re-look at a past post, miniatures since the beginning of time.

The Toys I Loved

Today we're not going to talk about the Polly Pockets, Fashion Pollys, Barbies, Bratz and Beanie Babies. Although all those things hold a very important place in my childhood and in my heart. We're going to instead talk about the toys that got away, the ones that still pull at my heartstrings and the ones... Continue Reading →

Walmart Toy Catalog 2019

We listen to Spotify at work and every few songs for the past week there was a Walmart ad talking about the big toy catalog release on November 2. You could go to Walmart, get a physical copy of the new toy catalog and test new toys from noon to 4. So I went to... Continue Reading →

3 Christmas Toy Catalogs that brought back all my Nostalgia

I was a kid in the 90s and early 2000s. I remember fervently looking through the toy section of the JC Penny's catalog, dog-earing pages and even cutting out the pictures of the best toys and placing them in my view binder cover. Target, Walmart and Amazon all released printed versions of their catalogs this year. Worse for the environment I have to admit, but I was also stoked about it.

1:18 Scale Magic

And while there's so much more I can talk about in this scale, I'm here to talk about the magic of Lundy. I don't own any, but I've often admired it, and for some reason it just feels so genuine and pure. Lundy is a Swedish company, so just think Ikea, but tiny.

Opening 75 Kinder Joys

Are you a fan of Kinder Joy or Kinder Surprise? I managed to get my hand on a whopping 75 if them. Lets see what surprises I get!

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