TCA Train Show

I go to the annual train show almost every year here in Jacksonville, FL. It's a big to do, held at a convention center, and has a ton of vendors. I tend to get pretty good deals as I'm looking for things the average train collector might not covet. I don't have a train set,... Continue Reading →

39th Annual Jacksonville Rail Fair

Just under a month ago I attended my 5th Jacksonville Rail Fair. It's a tradition that I then blog about the experience, so here goes. My goal as I attend each year, is to get some good pieces that I feel can be used in multiple images, and to get those pieces at a much lower... Continue Reading →

Yesterday I went to my first Train Show

This one, to be exact. I had no idea what to expect. I even accidentally walked into the wrong convention first and was quite confused by all the workout gear at a train show. Anyway, there were booths everywhere with some really cool things. I left with the few things my short supply of money... Continue Reading →

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