3Doodler Scribble Tree Forest Diorama

A how-to and behind to scenes of one of my newest images. Here I use the 3Doodler 1.0 to create a colorful, whimsical forest. https://youtu.be/WSEDVAvZY5E

Minecraft Jellycube Slime

If you're a Minecraft or slime fan, this is for you! If you don't like either of those things, you might still liek the video ;) https://youtu.be/QtWIDOlFneY  

How to Dye your own Mini Easter Eggs

Squintbox recently shared this enchanting video: And in the comments are tons of questions on how/where to get the supplies to do this yourself. In the March Squintbox selection there were 3 tiny eggs. I then imagine, squintbox dyed those eggs in this video with real egg dye. So here's just how to do that... Continue Reading →

1:18 Scale

Some of you may remember my first ever MMM post all about Pose Skeletons. Well this is sort of a follow-up to that post. Pose skeleton is a 1:18 scale ball jointed miniature skeleton. Currently, you can get  adult models, a child, a cat and a dog. In my initial post, I discussed places to... Continue Reading →

How to Make Realistic Images of Toys and Miniatures

Whether with toys, model railroad sets, war gaming miniatures, you name it, if you want realistic-looking image of miniature environments, this guide is for you.

HO Scale Traffic and Rail Road Crossing Lights

I recently decided to make my own HO scale traffic and rail road crossing lights. For the purpose of my photos, I don't need the expensive ones available that allow you to set timers for the change of the lights etc. I did want mine to be able to light up though, for my Headlights... Continue Reading →

Bokeh Shapes

So you know bokeh - the circle, hexagon, octogon, etc. shape your camera lens makes out of blurred light? Have you ever seen photos people have taken with various bokeh spots in shapes other than a circle? Well, that circle of blurred light comes from the shape of your camera's aperture. Change the shape of... Continue Reading →

How to Host a Photo Challenge

As a disclaimer, I want to say that I am by no means an expert on this. I started the One Word Photo Challenge in January of 2014 and I am so happy that it's still going strong thanks to all the wonderful weekly participants. All in all, this post will outline how I began... Continue Reading →

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