More Mini Products!

This time I have some and am not just talking about them!

See my original post here: Tiny Products.

My 5 Surprise Mini Brands and Shopkins Oh So Real video is here! Watch me open up 79 mini products below if that’s your thing.

Creative Outlets

I originally published this list on June 2017. Almost 2 years later I’ve revisited it to try to learn from my own advice.

The first 2 weeks of April I was traveling with work. The end of that first week through the beginning of the next I had the flu. A week after returning, I got a cold that lasted for 2 weeks. (oh, I am no longer vitamin deficient though!) After all that I was exhausted, with little will to work on anything creative. (I have advanced pretty far in a couple of mobile games though!) And for better or for worse, when I’m not making things, I don’t feel productive, and I beat myself up about it. Normally, I try to find outlets outside of my main toy photography shtick – blogging for example, or youtube videos. But towards the end of my cold I tried to blog and my brain just couldn’t form the right words.

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Resin Beehive Necklace

I’ve finally returned to posting on Youtube. My first video back, is one I’ve been wanting to try for some time.

I have this silicone trivet for the kitchen with a behive pattern in it. – silicone, behive, I think that calls for a makeshift resin mold for a bee themed accessory.

So with that I took some 2 part epoxy resin, mixed in chunky glitter and alcohol ink, and poured it onto the trivet. After it cured I added a chain and bee charm and am really happy with the result.

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Resin & Alcohol Ink Petri Pendants (Video)

I’ve been crafting off and on and recording the process on my YouTube channel. My creative drive has had a short attention span as of late, so I’ve been switching back and forth between creating sets, photographing, blogging and making videos.

I was in a pretty good video stride a couple months ago and prior, posting weekly. Then my external hard drive crashed. It had all of my video content on it, including the images I made for each video and many, not yet published video clips. I was and am still very disappointed. I should have of course had a back up, but being so new to video making, I honestly hadn’t thought about it. 

There were a lot of small clips I won’t get back, and probably a lot of video topics I just won’t do at this point as the making already occurred and I don’t want to re-do things just for YouTube.

That said, I had been working on quite a few resin pieces, and the videos for those, in their raw forms, were still on my SD card. So, I now present to you one of those projects – just a relaxing watch me, resin pouring and music. 

That said, if you do want to know more about the project, feel free to ask.


  • silicone chocolate mold
  • glitter & sprinkles
  • cabachons
  • alcohol ink
  • 2 part epoxy resin
  • necklace cord/chain
  • UV resin (for adding bits after the pieces are de-molded)

Popin’ Cookin’

Japan has all the cute things, there’s no arguing there. And some of those things are Kracie Popin’ Cookin’ candy making kits. These kits come with molds, tools and powder that you mix with water, to make pretty realistic looking food – that’s edible candy. I got a couple kits from a cultural fair in town, then insisted on trying the tiny burger one too – so I grabbed it from Amazon. Here, I present you with the results. Weirdly enough, while the ice cream and bento box items are relatively normal fruity candy flavors, the burger set ingredients include meat powder and potato powder.

Photo Edit Timelapse

Inspired by some of these crafts I’ve been doing for Youtube, I’ve been creating digital artworks with the results. Per request of some Instagram followers I made a timelapse video of an image I created with my pull string art (that you saw here yesterday). So here goes…