The world is ending, or maybe it’s not. 

I just got married 5 days ago. A couple people asked if the wedding was still on. We'd been planning it for a year and 2 months, paid all the vendors, arranged everything. Of course it was still on. It was definitely a gathering of more than 10 people and we all sat next to... Continue Reading →

My Life these Past Few Months

I haven't written a blog in who knows how long. I haven't visited other people's blogs, in large, for that same amount of time. I haven't made many new toy photos, that I would consider finished work, in about that same amount of time too. But right now, I really want to write a blog... Continue Reading →

When Life Gets in the Way, Revel in All the Miniatures Around You

Life Traveling for work, preparing for a move, planning a wedding, all while trying to keep up art motivation has been trying. That said, I'm still buzzing with ideas, but creating when I'm more in the mood for relaxing leads to half hearted photos that don't match the vision in my head. Instead I've been... Continue Reading →

Woodburning a Guest Signature Board for my Wedding (video) I'm getting married in March and rather than a traditional guest book, we've decided to have our guests sign a wooden plaque with paint pens. I burned what will be our last name and a few wildflowers on the board and guests will sign around them. Watch the video above to see the full... Continue Reading →

(Bride &) Groom

[For the 2016 April A to Z Challenge, Day 7, G]

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