A few years ago I switched URLs from tourmalinenow to tourmalinenow. Now Both tourmalinenow.com and toy.photography both link to this site. I didn't really understand SEO, URL scalpers and the importance of backlinks etc. at that time and some group picked up my dropped domain immediately. I thought I had gotten rid of most of... Continue Reading →

What I Learned at My First WordCamp

June 29 & 30 I attended my first ever WordCamp. #wcjax

WordPress Discover – Reflections on Orlando

WordPress has created a post on their Discover site. It compiles WordPress blogger's reflections on the tragedy of the Pulse Night Club Shooting. Click here, or on the screenshot below, to learn more.


My 3 images (so far) reflecting fugue states. Have you ever experienced one? I haven't, but I'd love to know your story if you have.   [For the 2016 April A to Z Challenge, Day 19, S, the Daily Prompt: Crossroads & the Discover Challenge: Obstacles]

Sudden Shifts

From Sun to Hail for the The Daily Post Daily Prompt. And a quote for #WCW - The Rebirth of Lisa's Word's Crush Wednesday. "Life is like Mother Nature, unpredictable. There's cloudy days and there's sunny days but you have the power to decide the weather of your life." - Artyom Gross

How to Host a Photo Challenge

As a disclaimer, I want to say that I am by no means an expert on this. I started the One Word Photo Challenge in January of 2014 and I am so happy that it's still going strong thanks to all the wonderful weekly participants. All in all, this post will outline how I began... Continue Reading →

my 2013 artistic accomplishments

2013 was a great year for me artistically. I graduated with my BFA I was in 13 publications I was Freshly Pressed I was a part of 11 shows Not to mention, I was commissioned for 2 more book covers and a portfolio shoot just before the end of the year! Thank you for all... Continue Reading →

2013 in review

My WordPress Annual Report for 2013 :) From 5000 views and 97 posts in 2012 to 12000 views and 159 posts in 2013. Thank you to all of you for being such loyal followers! The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2013 annual report for this blog. Here's an excerpt: The concert hall at the... Continue Reading →

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