A few years ago I switched URLs from jennifernicholewells to tourmalinenow. Now Both tourmalinenow.com and toy.photography both link to this site.

I didn’t really understand SEO, URL scalpers and the importance of backlinks etc. at that time and some group picked up my dropped domain immediately.

I thought I had gotten rid of most of the broken links and links that sent people to a site that’s not mine, but there were soooo many I’d missed. I should publish less blog posts maybe :P

I started updating the posts one at a time last night and learned some of my subscribers were getting email notifications for every updated post. What a nightmare!

I live chatted with WordPress support and learned there’s nothing I can do about it and my subscribers have to update their notification settings.

I had a ton more posts to update, so instead of doing that, I deleted almost all of my old posts – 2013 through 2015 (and some from 2016) – almost 300 posts in total (not all of those had old URLs but I stopped checking for expediency, probably time this blog got cleaned up anyway). And then still had posts to update that I wasn’t willing to trash (like 50 of em), but gave it a rest for the night. I’m sorry if you’ll be getting a bunch of updates tonight. You can update your notification settings by going to https:// wordpress .com/settings/discussion/[your url]

As so many of those images won’t be visible anywhere here now, I’m going to do some revisits over the next few weeks. Thanks for sticking with me.

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