Writing Habits

I mostly create in my apartment. Photography sets are built either sitting on the love seat or at my studio table. Poems or any sort of planning/writing on the other hand is done whenever the inspiration hits - typically, as well, in my apartment. I have a notebook my boyfriend bought me for my birthday... Continue Reading →


Today in Writing 101 we are presented with 5 tweets, of which we are to choose one for inspiration. This is the one I chose: etching, digging yearning to come across that earth shattering moment in which I finally understand why   See all my posts for Writing 101 here.


I create because I have to. There is a drive inside me I cannot quiet. Creating focuses me, quiets the noise and allows me to express myself. I typically create using miniatures and my camera, but occasionally words come easier. It is then that I write poetry and short narratives. - {For Writing 101, day... Continue Reading →

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