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I mostly create in my apartment. Photography sets are built either sitting on the love seat or at my studio table. Poems or any sort of planning/writing on the other hand is done whenever the inspiration hits – typically, as well, in my apartment. I have a notebook my boyfriend bought me for my birthday last January that I do all my writing in. Primarily purchased for photo planning, it’s since become my space to throw all my thoughts into.

I haven’t really gotten into writing habits as of yet. Since I still consider photography my main creative outlet, I focus my attention on making sure I work in that realm. I’ve let my writing be more free. I’ll get a fragment of an idea that I’d like to write about, I find a pen and piece of paper (if my notebook’s not available) and I stare at the blank page until more words form.

As far as blogging goes, it’s an entirely different practice for me. I simply open up a new post and begin. Since I schedule most of my posts, I’m then able to obsessively preview them and tweak things over the few days before they’re public.


The prompt above requests that we also post a poll at the end of this post to gather writing ideas to use later in the course. Instead, I’ll ask, that if there’s anything you’d like me to write about, make a photo of, know about me, etc. etc. please leave a comment below and I’ll see what I can do. :)

Thanks so much.


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  1. I could never be the organized type. I’m writing on the fly or holding that image until I can get out the phone or IPad. Your photography is excellent. The visual world can be easier than presenting the world in word form to some.

    1. Thank you so much. As far as photos go, I have to hold them in because I have to plan and find the right things to go in them. I do write down my plans though either in my notebook or on a sticky note or something to be added to the notebook later. And if I’m not at work, I’m pretty much a homebody so it’s definitely just easier to get the creativity out here :P

  2. I would love to see photos of your work space, organization, etc. Also, do you have an inspiration board or journal? What inspires you the most – words or visuals? What was the first piece of artwork you created as a child? Do you still have it? with your photos, do you keep hard copies or is everything digital? I could keep going but I’ll stop here!

  3. I live in the desert, so autumn looks different than it does in other parts of the country, but I would love to see a photo of what it looks like outside of your house of apartment. I love getting a feel for the area where a writer and/or photographer lives/works. I think you’re blog is visually exciting and yet calming at the same time.

    1. Thank you so so much. I’ll do my best to post about autumn soon. I live in Florida so the scenery doesn’t change much season to season. I do miss seeing all the colors of fall. I love fall regardless and will try to capture some hints of it here.

  4. Nice post! Can’t think of anything I would like for you to write, perhaps from your perspective, what or how do you feel about Autumn? I love the cool air and Halloween and such.

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