Last Chance – Kindle Fire HD Giveaway

I try to promote the authors I work with in any way possible. In this case, that means sharing a giveaway Lew has going on. Lew Sauder, the author, most recently, of ‘Project Management 101.’ Is giving away a Kindle Fire HD! All you have to do, is buy ‘Project Management 101’ for 99 cents and leave a review!

This offer ends tonight at midnight (EDT).

Here’s what he has to say:

I’ve decided to give away a Kindle Fire HD. Would you like to win it?

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Here’s the deal:

I want to increase book sales and reviews for my book:

Project Management 101: 101 Tips for Success in Project Management

To do that I have to have real buyers and real reviews.
So here’s what I’ve done:

I’ve reduced the price of my book from $3.99 to just 99 cents for the next 4 days only.

Here’s what I’m asking you to do:
1) Purchase Project Management 101 for 99 cents
2) Leave a review by midnight (EDT) this Monday, Sept. 15th 2014.

(BTW, if you’ve already purchased my book, you can leave a review and still be entered in the drawing.)

On Tuesday, Sept. 16th, I will put the names of every reviewer in a hat and draw one name. I will then purchase the Kindle Fire HD and have it sent to that person.

I don’t know if 2 people will do this favor for me or 100, but the odds of you winning the Kindle Fire HD are better than winning the lottery.

Even if you don’t win, you get a great business novel on Project Management for only 99 cents.

So if you’re willing to help me, and to have a chance at winning a brand new Kindle Fire HD, please go to this link to purchase Project Management 101. Then, leave a review by the end of the day Monday.

I’ll announce the winner on Tuesday, Sept. 16th.

Good luck and thank you for your help.

Lew Sauder


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    1. I’m sure you saw this already, but in case you didn’t, Lew left this comment on your comment on amazon ‘Thank you for your comment Mary. Please contact me at your earliest convenience at Lew (at) LewSauder (dot) com’

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