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    1. Well…I apologize for being a bit long winded here…

      Cee presented the theme of Cities for her photo challenge this week. I always build or set up my subject matter for my images, and had no plans for a cityscape, so I wasn’t going to participate this week. But then I began to think about cities, and how I’ve enjoyed creating silhouettes of them digitally (, Then I considered the simplicity of the cities we draw as children, squarish buildings with more squares as windows. So, I got out my foamcore, box knife and hobby paints and went to work to create flat cut outs. I then painted them with a mixture of colors that I believe show various facets of city structures, metal, stone, mold, vines, etc., stood them up and separated them in front of each other to create a bit of space and placed the dark buildings against a light pastel sky (painted holographic foam core- I wiped off some paint to let the reflection of the foam core show through). I suppose I could venture to say that the lit, light colored sky represents hope against the desolation of the empty, flat, dark buildings.

      Thank you for asking :)

      1. Thanks for your time. The pieces do you built were extraordinary. I enjoyed them so much I wish I had some of them to hang in my home. I bet your readers would like to know more about your work as well. You truly are an artist.

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