Concept Collaboration: The Catalyst of Light

There’s this photo collaboration called ‘Concept Collaboration.’ They’re calling it ‘the world’s largest photography collaboration.’

There’s a new concept/theme every month, and it just started this month. January’s theme is ‘The Catalyst of Light.’

Here are the images I’ve shared in Concept Collaboration so far. Personally, I’ve been posting in their flickr group, but you can also submit via their site, or tag your image on any social media site with #conceptcollab, and #ccjan15 (or whatever month you’re submitting to).

I’ve posted these images before, but I wanted to take the opportunity to spread the word about Concept Collaboration. If you’re into photo challenges, you should definitely participate. They’re also going to have monthly meet-ups in different cities so that participants can collaborate together in person.

Thanks for stopping by :)

P.S. If you participate, let me know. I’d love to see your images!



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