The Clearing

Iridescent Christmas village snow, Victorian style porcelain dollhouse dolls and decorative mantle deer and glitter trees. With these I aimed to make some dreamy forest scapes and I think I accomplished just that. While I typically disassemble my temporary dioramas after I've achieved the desired photos, this one I've left in tact as I have... Continue Reading →


Photos can be magic in so many ways. Personally I find lens flare and bokeh so magical. Add to that fog or airy light... Now that I set you up for that, I decided to take this meaning quite literal instead...sorry. So here are some potions and a deer of light. For the Weekly Photo... Continue Reading →

Concept Collaboration: The Catalyst of Light

There's this photo collaboration called 'Concept Collaboration.' They're calling it 'the world's largest photography collaboration.' There's a new concept/theme every month, and it just started this month. January's theme is 'The Catalyst of Light.' Here are the images I've shared in Concept Collaboration so far. Personally, I've been posting in their flickr group, but you... Continue Reading →

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