And All Was Well in the Quiet Little House

little house

Or was it?

3″ tall dollhouse with 1/4″ furniture. Scene lit with a candle. TV screen illuminated in Photoshop.

similar scale to my school house, here

{Q for Quiet, on the 17th day of the A to Z Challenge. See all my posts for this challenge here.}

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  1. I just love doll houses and even though I never had one, I always get such an old, familiar feeling when I see doll houses. I have no idea why. :lol:

    Lovely little scene captured Jennifer. :D ♥

      1. <3 we just watched an episode of vanilla Ice (he fixes up old houses in south FL and has a show on TV) and they installed a small jellyfish aquarium on the nightstand (who knew) and it had a similar color as this late night light in your house.. ha!

        1. Haha that’s awesome. I thought it was curious that jellyfish was your first thought. Never heard if vanilla ice, well the one that fixes houses at least. I’ll have to look up the show.



            and funny but my son and I were talking about seeing the jellyfish in this aquarium on the night stand and he said something like “you know mom, I am not a Big PETA person, but is that right to take a jellyfish form its habitat …” and for a short while we had a nice little talk about this – and about aquariums – and not to “diss the fish” ha!

            so on second thought – the tv in that little room is showing an episode of “raiders of the lost art” – ha! you know – with an close-up of a Faberge egg…

            1. haha I’ll take faberge egg close-up! A good talk to have. Vegetarian myself, and I try not to use items tested on animals if at all possible, but the lines between what’s okay and what’s not okay with animals gets so rocky- often hard to deduce.

              1. yeah, I know very little about it – except I have heard that studies have shown that animals reaised with “no abuse” and who are put down humanely – well they have better vitamin and no stress hormones – you are vegetarian so it does not matter – but I guess that some people who already have adrenal strain and other internal imbalances – well consuming animal meat from these horrible factory practices can be even worse for them.
                and side note – in that same Vanilla Ice episode with the jellyfish on the nightstand – well they had a “zebra striped wool rug” delivered for that room. The guy said that his carpet company only orders new zealand wool because their wool takes dyes and stains better than any other wool – and it is because of the natural grazing and good diet they feed their animals. And so hear hear to framers of the world – proper and human treatment does matter. :)

                1. Vegetarian for me is a very personal thing. I have nothing against others eating meat, but I do love to hear about animals being treated well – no matter what purpose humans will use them for. It’s interesting that the health of the sheet effects how well the wool takes dye. But I love that it ensures a healthier life for those sheep and that the show is supporting the good efforts of those caring for them properly.

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