Tonight’s the Night

“Tonight’s the night. It all led to this moment. This was my chance and I had to take it.”

materials: G scale gunman, cardboard set, paper silhouette, 1 small studio light

Changed to black and white, and cropped to a 4:3 aspect ratio to mimic a film noir still

(This image is a bit dark on some monitors. You should be able to see a silhouette/shadow of a man on the far right side of the image.)

{linking to the Weekly Photo Challenge: Ephemeral and the Daily Prompt: What a Twist}

11 thoughts on “Tonight’s the Night

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  1. so I clicked on this post coming from the shamrock one – and so I was not expecting this detective guy with a gun (and thanks for pointing out the one on the right, I could see it when I looked more – well done!) – and it was a fun twist in a few ways –

    1. Thank you so so much! I was hoping people would be able to see the figure, he’s pretty clear on my end, but I know it all depends on computer/monitor and I didn’t want him to be lost entirely.

      1. you are so right about the different monitors – and wonder if a mobile device would be even harder to see -(and quite the drama we are able to peek in on…)

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