She was a Phantom

She was a Phantom 4

She was a Phantom 5

She was a Phantom 7

She was a Phantom 6

She was a Phantom 2

She was a Phantom 1

She was a Phantom 3

Images of incense smoke. Simple as that. I went through and selected the ones that resembled the female form.

Posting to Cee’s Black and White Challenge: Sculptures, Statues and Carvings – while I may be stretching it a bit, I’d like to think of these as fleeting sculptures.

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    1. :D thank you. This ones honestly a tad less impressive. I lit an incense cone because they were out and I’d been wanting to take some pictures but had no inspiration. So I began to shoot the smoke and as I did I swore I saw a female form a couple times. So I continued to shoot then I sorted through all the pictures about 3 times and pulled out and edited the ones where I could see a figure.

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