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  1. Love it. Looks like she is skipping into the frame, or out of it. I think the shadow makes the image because it gives it depth and movement. Is she going to fall down or float up once she crossed the frame? .

  2. Wow. I think this is the strongest piece I’ve seen so far. At first I thought it was a painting and couldn’t wait to get to your blog to see who had painted it. Once on your site, I got the full story.. Very very powerful!!! I hope this is one piece you leave intact.

  3. <smile> I immediately thought, “Flight”.

    I love the hands behind the back. It makes her floating/flying seem so casual. And, for me at least, there is the visual reference to elders in China, who stroll with an easy gait, hands clasped like this behind them. Again, so casual, yet seemingly with a simple purpose, known only to them.

  4. Very effective, Jennifer. I was going to ask if it is 3D, but then I noticed the shadow of a foot on the frame. Very relaxed pose, with hands behind her back. Lovely.

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