Why do we do this to ourselves?


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    1. Thank you thank you. It’s actually quite simple. It’s a dollhouse scale tile floor – a thin white plastic. For an image awhile back I painted the whole thing beige. Then for another image I cleaned it off. The beige in the grout area is stuck in there, but that turned out quite okay because I think it makes it more realistic. Anyway, the scale is from a child’s dollhouse and the feet are those of a polymer clay art doll I’ve used in quite a few images lately. I took the image with my point and shoot that has a ring flash then edited with my ipad – using 2 copies of the same image and the photoshop mix app to edit out the arrow on the scale that pointed to “0.”

  1. I’d never focused on the number on the scale until I wound up in the hospital with a leg infection made worse by my known-but-ignored diabetes. Now, it’s part of the every-3-month checkup to see if my weight is going up or down and adjust meds accordingly.

    We did not even have a scale at home until this week. My wife just had heart surgery 2 weeks ago and her doctor said she needs to be controlling her weight. So, she’s going to be doing it because her doctor told her to.

    Otherwise, body image issues are cultural and the culture can be changed.

    1. There are of course good reasons to monitor your weight. I hope both you and your wife are doing well and that your wife recovers quickly. As far as body image issues, yes a change in culture is definitely what’s needed.

  2. A great post. I hope it is okay that I have reblogged. It fitted in with a few posts I have done recently about body image and aging. It also made me think of a funny tongue in cheek You tube video I saw today. I love that you can infer so much with a title and one picture! Thank you.

      1. Thanks Jennifer. They were both inspired by a momma’s view. Happier healthier and productive was one and the other was I still have half my life to live.

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    Recent posts from A Momma’s View and now Jennifer’s post have got me thinking about aging and the hoops we jump through to meet society’s expectations of how we should look in terms of presentation and body shape. Jennifer’s art bought this funny You tube clip to mind.

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  4. When I was younger I had an issue with being too thin, so I was constantly trying to gain weight and weighing myself. People can be so cruel to someone who’s “too skinny”. But time has caught up and being too thin is no longer an issue.

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