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30 Days of topicgenerator.

Day 24: Photography topicgenerator

Awhile back I created a writing and photo prompt generator. Then, with help from users of the generator, I created a wordpress site where posts, created using the topic generator can be shared. There are now 5 different topic generators, with 4 more coming soon. The topics are random combinations of adjectives and nouns.

Check out the WordPress site here (and the posts created by those using the generator – thank you to each of you!), and click the ‘Topic Generator’ menu item to be taken to each topic generator There are links in the description of each generator to bring you back to the main WordPress site.

If you decide to participate, learn more about sharing what you create with us here:

While I’ve obviously spent some time with the topic generators, I haven’t responded to many topics in blog post form. So here goes – 30 days of topicgenerator. For 10 days I will draw on topics from the Creepy topic generator, another 10 will be based on the original Writing & Photo Prompt Generator and another 10 will be made with the Photography topic generator. Feel free to join in with me, using the generators to get your own topics, or using the topic I’ve used here!

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