Floating Along

Thank you all for posting. I’m thankful to be a part of this collective.

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  1. I find the message you pass with this image so soothing, it really has a positive impact on me. See the balloon as the personal universe of somebody, as you say, an obstacle gets on your way and a string gets cut, yet you find alternatives to keep on travelling and exploring. Keep on using your imagination to create art Jennifer, you have a natural talent.

  2. Broken Light, that is fantastic! Similar idea as Letters to the Mind but specifically for photographers. I am hoping to begin learning the art of photography. I’ll definitely keep Broken Light in mind once I deem myself a photographer!

  3. Jennifer, if you read this. I would love if you would consider contributing something about PTSD on the Letters to the Mind blog. It’s just getting going. I think of it as a art therapy community. There are no writers, only contributors. Growing through sharing their mental disorders and hoping to help others better understand our lives. Communication and education are the key to ending stigma. All forms of contribution are welcome.

    Here is the link for our about page: Letters to the Mind.

    Anyone reading this who’s lives are impacted by mental illness is also welcome to contribute.


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