I’ve been trying to get back into my art mode. I suppose I’ve been in a bit of a creativity funk. But…I got a few things from the craft store and a couple of O scale figures from a knife shop in historic St. Augustine and I’ve had a bit of a painting spree.

Typically used for D&D, which I’ve never played, I just couldn’t pass up the O scale minis below. They’re so detailed and I have an obsession with making images of the sea. Also they were only $2.50 which is a steal compared to the price of train miniatures.


Images via online store linked below
Images via online store linked below

This line of minis can be found here.


PicMonkey Collage

Stay tuned to see these use in some posed photos.

[A late post for the 2016 April A to Z Challenge, Day 13, M]

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  1. Jenny that is awesome! I think you may have found a new anime card game. You’ll be a billionaire in no time. Share a little of the wealth with me ok tho?

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