Pokemon Part 1

2 cm tall Pokemon figures painted and posed in their “natural” environments.

As I discuss here, I recently ordered some small pokemon figurines on ebay with this series in mind. They didn’t arrive quite in the quality I expected so I’ve been working on repainting all the usable ones. Below are the first 10 miniature diorama photographs I’ve completed with these guys and a bit of info on how I created each scene.


Zebstrika against an acrylic painted sky.


Togepi with a group of matching polymer clay eggs.


Sebleye in a mystic environment made of cellophane.


Registeel in a metallic factory of sorts made of cardboard.


Regigigas becoming one with the forest (model scenery trees).


Psyduck and friends (dollhouse scale ducks) by the lake (cellophane and paper).


Hitmonlee in the desert (paper and model scenery yellow grass).


Gyrados after a child (cellophane, reflective scrapbook paper and n scale child).


Charmander and fire (cellophane with a dollhouse wooden floor as a slightly reflective surface).


Beartic on ice (3d designed & printed ice, 3d printed mountain – painted with enamel paint).

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Follow me on instagram @tourmalinenow to see in progress repaints and final images as they’re completed.

Drop me a line below to let me know what you think, ask a question or tell me what your experience with Pokemon has been.

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    1. Thank you. To each their own. I think it’s one of those things that can span all ages but it still has to draw you in. For me right now it’s more of a nostalgia thing than anything else. I never watched the show growing up. Wasn’t my thing. But I liked the creatures and the collecting and I think just being a part of the craze.

  1. My sons are the exact age for when Pokemons first started. It was banned in their school but they kept collecting the cards. The new wave with Pokemon Go has been in Germany for two months or so. It’s as crazy as everywhere else. In my hometown, there is a spot in the public gardens of the old castle where there are betweeen 40 and 60 pokemon hunters on nice days on weekends, with camping chairs and pizza boxes and sleeping bags (!), none of them talking, all staring at their mobile phones. I find it quite creepy but when there was a complaint that they left too much litter they were very eloquent in defending their pasttime. In any event, a few weeks back I participated in a fun run where runners were supposed to come in costume (theme: ferry (we use a ferry over the river Main) – fairy – furry). I chose to pick a fairy costume –> https://picturesimperfectblog.wordpress.com/2016/09/25/lookit-a-pokemon/
    On a stretch of the run (a cross country paper chase style run) I was on my own when I happen to come across a family on a camping site near the river. I jogged past when the father pointed his mobile phone towards me and shouted: “Look kids, I’ve got a pokemon!!” :-D — But I must say I like your miniature real live versions a lot better than the virtual ones! Have you got a jiggly puff (they said I looked like it but my singing still needed improvement)?

    1. Love the costume! I haven’t been playing Pokémon go as much as when it first came out but it actually made me more social and encouraged me to get out and about. Yes everyone’s looking at their phones but I’d venture to say that even without Pokémon go they still would be. Lol no jigglypuff. Although I’d love to do a picture with one if I did have one. I’m sure you’re singing is wonderful :P Do your sons play Pokémon go now?

      1. No, they don’t. It probably depends if the friends are playing or not. At the moment, they are far too busy with other things. – You might be right about people only looking at their phones. I was in a tram yesterday and except for a couple of oldies (my age — hehe) everybody was doing something with their phones. I used to read on longer drives but now I too, check messages etc. on my phone. But it does look zombie-like if one watches.

        1. There is a small chance they’re reading on their phones! I’m one of those people that believes the world doesn’t really get better or worse it just shows itself in different ways. But that’s just me. 😊

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