The Dollhouse

This year I built my first dollhouse. Within that dollhouse are 4 rooms, 2 of which are outfitted. 1 as a hidden, small room for tarot readings and things of the like, the other downstairs and left untouched. A murder occurred here. The outside looks normal and is prepared for coming trick-or-treaters.

This house now lives on the balcony of my full-scale apartment. The damage and damp was caused by a real tropical storm. It will live outside until it’s sufficiently full of webs and grime and then I will photograph it again.

You can read more about it here.

Here are images of it as it stood September 6, 13, 14 & 29.

(The beaded curtain is hand made from seed beads and wire, the wreath is wire and cut paper, the curtains are cheesecloth, the table is the bottom of a glue bottle covered in a cut piece of cloth napkin, the blood spatter is acrylic paint, the chair cloth is cut fabric, the pumpkin lights are full-scale decorations, the blue light is from miniature Halloween-village flood lights, the majority of the pieces are misc dollhouse accessories. Questions about what else you see, just ask.)[email protected]/29827428420/in/album-72157671356580603/[email protected]/30008232782/in/album-72157671356580603/[email protected]/30008232232/in/album-72157671356580603/[email protected]/30038626761/in/album-72157671356580603/[email protected]/30008230342/in/album-72157671356580603/[email protected]/30038625261/in/album-72157671356580603/[email protected]/29494464014/in/album-72157671356580603/[email protected]/29494082443/in/album-72157671356580603/[email protected]/29494462944/in/album-72157671356580603/[email protected]/29827421260/in/album-72157671356580603/[email protected]/29494459924/in/album-72157671356580603/[email protected]/29494074573/in/album-72157671356580603/[email protected]/30008221202/in/album-72157671356580603/

stained wallpaper[email protected]/29494071993/in/album-72157671356580603/[email protected]/29494456404/in/album-72157671356580603/[email protected]/29494070813/in/album-72157671356580603/[email protected]/30008218182/in/album-72157671356580603/

blood spatter

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  1. Fantastic! I get more and more drawn into these miniature worlds. In fact, I bought my first HO Figurine today to play around and see what happens… Did it ever occur to you to try and stage famous pictures en miniature?

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