Paintings and Photographs within The Art Institute of Chicago

Some of you know that late last month I was in Chicago for job training and meetings. It was my first time visiting the city and you’ve seen many of my images from my time there over the past few weeks. I had a wonderful time one morning visiting the art institute. I wish I had been able to stay longer, but the visit was squeezed into the time between work events. No doubt I will return one day. Within the walls of this museum is one of my all time favorites – Nighthawks by Edward Hopper. I adore Hopper and draw much of my inspiration from his work. So here is a collection of photos I took of the gorgeous work within the museum. Over the next couple of weeks I will also share my images from the Thorne Miniature rooms housed within these walls. Let me know your favorite of the below.


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  1. Jennifer,
    Excellent posting like you I love Edward Hopper one of the greatest 20th Century Realists. If you visit my blog you will see articles I have written on Hopper and another similar Realist Burchfield. As I live in Britain I don’t have the opportunity to see Hopper’s work in person.

    Laurence x

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