Paperless Post

Paperless Post recently reached out to me – some coins for free use on the website in exchange for a blog shout out. I like stationary and ecards and pretty things, so why not?

Quite simply Paperless Post is an ecard site, but designer made, fully customizable ecards. Really every aspect of the site and the selection of invitations, flyers, cards, etc. are all beautiful.

The video here is of my first time perusing the site and customizing and sending a card. It’s really straight forward.

The card you see me make cost 6 coins, with each card, that I’ve seen, starting at 2 coins. The price breakdown for coins is:

A cool feature too is that you can allow your recipient(s) to send a note or RSVP back and track it all through your account on the site.

I think this would be really useful especially when mass sending invitations.

Interested? Go check them out here – Paperless Post

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