On Wednesday I got to go to a free pre-screening of the movie Booksmart through gofobo. It was great!

To be honest, I never have huge expectations when I go to pre-screenings. But you get free movie tickets you go, there’s no other option. And through that mindset I’ve discovered my love for The Heat, A Dog’s Purpose, Florence Foster Jenkins, among others. And have gotten numerous opportunities for after movie parking lot heart to hearts with my similarly movie minded friend (i.e. the whole you get free tickets you go mindset).

I love coming of age stories, they’re likely my favorite genre. The Way Way Back, Love Simon, and City Island to name a few. I’m 28, roughly 10 years older than the main characters of this genre, and yet there’s so much to relate to, and feel along side. That being said, movies in this genre tend to be dramas, albeit with some comedic relief. And yet, Booksmart fits squarely in this category while being almost full comedy. It’s a really fresh take on the awkwardness of the middle ground between childhood and adulthood and the choices you make while navigating that time frame.

And Amy and Molly, the 2 best friends that create the frame of this movie are beyond lovable, flaws and all. They’re huge nerds, and fully confident within that space. They know they care too much about school, but in their view, why in the world would you not? Even so, they have a lot to learn, about life and love and whatever other cliches you can think of, and through a wild night they learn that they know almost nothing, and this, the end of the movie, is where we envision their stories truly beginning.

There’s even a scene with dolls, which makes it totally relevant to this blog. See the cover photo of this post for vague context. :P

Catch Booksmart in theaters May 24.

Thanks for reading! I have lots more long form content for you coming soon.

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