Miniature – The Documentary

"A world with it's own set of rules..." I open with an assessment, one similar to the one I gave to Simon Garfield's In Miniature, this documentary doesn't say enough. Miniature, by Tiny Goat Films, is a look at the various forms of miniatures and those that create them. It features creators and researchers such... Continue Reading →

Some Things Never Change (or Paper Crafting Books Will Never Not be Cool)

I bought some things Friday and Saturday and I keep thinking how proud my child self would be with me. That's to say, I'm very happy with my purchases, and they aren't too far off from a taste I've had my whole life for small things and for paper crafting. Although the paper crafting has... Continue Reading →

TCA Train Show

I go to the annual train show almost every year here in Jacksonville, FL. It's a big to do, held at a convention center, and has a ton of vendors. I tend to get pretty good deals as I'm looking for things the average train collector might not covet. I don't have a train set,... Continue Reading →

When Life Gets in the Way, Revel in All the Miniatures Around You

Life Traveling for work, preparing for a move, planning a wedding, all while trying to keep up art motivation has been trying. That said, I'm still buzzing with ideas, but creating when I'm more in the mood for relaxing leads to half hearted photos that don't match the vision in my head. Instead I've been... Continue Reading →

What We Keep by Bill Shapiro and Naomi Wax, A Reflection

"What makes these objects so evocative for us is that they hold the memories of people, of relationships, of places and moments and milestones that speak to our own identity." We like to criticize consumer culture, and with good reason. But as with everything, there is also good that comes with inanimate objects. A finding... Continue Reading →

In Miniature by Simon Garfield, A Review

“We bring things down to size to understand and appreciate them.” In Miniature: How Small Things Illuminate the World comes to us from Simon Garfield , a journalist and non-fiction author, who writes on a variety of topics. In Miniature is a deep dive into the significant miniatures of history, organized into chapters by miniature type. I’ve... Continue Reading →

Photo Focus: The Effectiveness of Blur in Toy Photography

I recently picked up 'Why It Does Not Have to be in Focus: Modern Photography Explained" by Jackie Higgens, on recommendation from a toy photo friend. Within it's pages, Higgins offers short conclusions on the photographic genres - portraits, document, still life, narrative, landscape and abstract, followed by numerous examples. This allows the book to... Continue Reading →

Returning to Welcome to Marwen

A new look at Welcome to Marwen with the recent US & UK DVD releases. Read about my movie theater experience here. Welcome to Marwen (2018) is a Robert Zemeckis movie based on the true story of Mark Hogancamp. Having already seen the documentary Marwencol (2010), I already knew the following about Mark and his incredible life story, which provided a... Continue Reading →

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