More of the Ponte Vedra Auto Show

If you like cars or pictures of them, this post is for you. Mid-Novemeber, I attended the Ponte Vedra Auto Show with my parents.

2014, A Look Back

Note - I'm pretty sure my Woodland images were actually made in 2012, but uploaded to this blog in 2014. I'm apparently bad at dating my own work 🤷‍♀️ A catalog of the year. In having to delete lots of old posts recently, I thought it'd be apt to have a record of the pieces... Continue Reading →


A few years ago I switched URLs from tourmalinenow to tourmalinenow. Now Both and both link to this site. I didn't really understand SEO, URL scalpers and the importance of backlinks etc. at that time and some group picked up my dropped domain immediately. I thought I had gotten rid of most of... Continue Reading →

You Can Now Buy My Art Online!

I've finally made it so much easier for you to get some of my art. As a print, poster, mug, even shower curtain. No more having to reach out to me to ask if things are actually for sale, or finding me at a local art show (although both those methods are still totally acceptable).... Continue Reading →

Revisiting the Deep Dream Generator

I last blogged about Google's Deep Dream in 2015. So the ai has had 5 years to learn. With the recent ai blog experiment, it seemed like it was time to take a look back. And the Deep Dream Generator does have a lot more options now. I started with this image: And generated these... Continue Reading →

My Life these Past Few Months

I haven't written a blog in who knows how long. I haven't visited other people's blogs, in large, for that same amount of time. I haven't made many new toy photos, that I would consider finished work, in about that same amount of time too. But right now, I really want to write a blog... Continue Reading →

2017, a timeline

2017 has almost come to an end. One of the quickest years of my life, but then I say that every year... January I turned 26, officially transitioning into the last year of my 'mid 20s.' I created my series Monochopis. February I started writing for My work was in Exclu issue 3. I... Continue Reading →

An Update & Reflection 2017

Hi everyone, This update has been on the back burner for some time, but I need to get a few quick notes out into the interweb particles. 2017 has been a year of artistic reflection for me. First, and most noticeably I imagine, I changed the name of which I go by artistically. Originally, since... Continue Reading →

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