White Glowing Doorways

I often find repeating themes in my work, so I'm going to highlight a few over the next few days or so, depending on how many I identify. 2014 2020

An Early Halloween

Tiny foam pumpkins brought home for free, just sitting on my shelf waiting for me. Or, well, waiting for Sam from the movie Trick 'r Treat, to lay atop them.

Is 1/12 scale the best scale for toy photography?

Figuring out which scale will work best for your toy photography.

A Piece of Me

Almost every image I make is a self portrait. Those tiny bits of plastic become me. They represent my strongly felt emotions, my experiences. And through this I attach myself so fully to their image.


A clearer picture of life ahead. A New Door

Joker Alone

A reflection on quarantine through the use of a bronze Joker action figure and handmade clay dogs. Click on an image to view it larger. That's 2 series down in 2021, with 24 images between the two of them and a 3rd series already in the works. I suppose I have a lot of emotions... Continue Reading →

Introducing Monochromous

I've been working on a new series I'm tentatively calling Monochromous. And I've had the honor of having a portion of that series featured on the Exclu Collective. Check it out, and read about my process here: https://exclucollective.com/2018/09/09/exclu-rewind-tourmalinenow/   See even more images on my facebook page here:   And stay tuned for a behind the... Continue Reading →

1:18 Scale

Some of you may remember my first ever MMM post all about Pose Skeletons. Well this is sort of a follow-up to that post. Pose skeleton is a 1:18 scale ball jointed miniature skeleton. Currently, you can get  adult models, a child, a cat and a dog. In my initial post, I discussed places to... Continue Reading →

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