Joker Alone

A reflection on quarantine through the use of a bronze Joker action figure and handmade clay dogs.

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That’s 2 series down in 2021, with 24 images between the two of them and a 3rd series already in the works. I suppose I have a lot of emotions to channel, but I’ve also let go of some stress which allows me the capacity to put those emotions into images.

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  1. Absolutely cool.
    I never liked to play with Barbies when I was little and I only have two sons but now for Easter I was “forced” to buy a Barbie because a certain little girl wishes for one. It was pretty hard to find one I didn’t have too much of a bad feeling to give it to a little girl and I had to make compromises – moveable, red haired, curvy and with a profession seems a combination that does not yet exist. Now that I have the doll I am wondering if should use the time until Easter to use her as a model —

    1. You should definitely try the doll as a model! I don’t have much experience with barbie photography, but there are people doing really cool images with barbies!

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