My Poetry, 2015

I wrote a lot of poems in 2015. By no means am I a poet. It is not something I pursue, but something consumed me during this time. I soon after began a collaborative art zine that I ran for 2 years. But for today, here are those poems and the images I paired with... Continue Reading →

To Be Still

For the first time in a long time I'm content with not creating. That's not to say I won't still be making things. I most certainly will. But I'm allowing myself to relax, to recharge, to actually enjoy my photography day job and to not beat myself up when I'm not creating personally. We'll see... Continue Reading →


Stuck in the static. A blur, a buzzing in your head. [Posting to the Pic and a Word Challenge: Withering, the WordPress Discover Challenge: Here and Now and the Weekly Photo Challenge: Edge]

Paths Uncharted

The mysteries in life give me hope there's more to it. More ways to connect. More emotions to feel. More beauty to see. But with the good comes the bad, fear, hurt, loss of self. And yet, all those things are already here getting stronger by day. So persist they may and I will stay... Continue Reading →

Letting Go

Every fear I have can be thrown in the ocean. Pulled against their will stretching and strangling from my brain out through my ear. Wadded up all sticky and melted. Squeezed out 'til dry and wilted. Crumbling little by little so they can never fully reform and tossed with the wind for the tide to... Continue Reading →

Writing Habits

I mostly create in my apartment. Photography sets are built either sitting on the love seat or at my studio table. Poems or any sort of planning/writing on the other hand is done whenever the inspiration hits - typically, as well, in my apartment. I have a notebook my boyfriend bought me for my birthday... Continue Reading →


Today in Writing 101 we are presented with 5 tweets, of which we are to choose one for inspiration. This is the one I chose: etching, digging yearning to come across that earth shattering moment in which I finally understand why   See all my posts for Writing 101 here.


I create because I have to. There is a drive inside me I cannot quiet. Creating focuses me, quiets the noise and allows me to express myself. I typically create using miniatures and my camera, but occasionally words come easier. It is then that I write poetry and short narratives. - {For Writing 101, day... Continue Reading →

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