A couple of what will likely be many posted throughout this month. A Christmas village. For the Pic and a Word Challenge: Winter.

Weekly Weather: Sleet

Welcome to the week 9 of the Weekly Weather challenge. Every Saturday I'll post a new blog with the weather-based topic for that week. Post your contribution (poem, photo, illustration, story, or any other artistic vision) to your blog and share your link in a comment or pingback to that week's topic post here. Make sure... Continue Reading →

World Heart Day

There are so many "holidays" every day - this is my attempt at a daily photo response. Check out and for future post topics. Join in by tagging #todayis or simply leave a link to your contribution below. I’d love to see what you come up with for all these crazy holidays. Contribution links will... Continue Reading →

Shutterbug Showcase – Cheese

Blogger’s World AKA Blogging 101 Alumni is a WordPress blogging group – open to all – especially those who have completed the Blogging U course Blogging 101 (now known as Blogging Fundamentals). I’m a member of said group, and while I’ll admit, I have not been a very active member, I’m jumping back in and... Continue Reading →

Bokeh Shapes

So you know bokeh - the circle, hexagon, octogon, etc. shape your camera lens makes out of blurred light? Have you ever seen photos people have taken with various bokeh spots in shapes other than a circle? Well, that circle of blurred light comes from the shape of your camera's aperture. Change the shape of... Continue Reading →

Close Up

I've been intending to take some outdoor macros for some time now. I traded my Olympus TG-3 in on Amazon and used the funds to get the TG-4. So when WordPress posted the Weekly Photo Challenge: Close Up on Friday, and my new camera came in on Monday, I knew it was time to get... Continue Reading →

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Circles and Curves

This challenge has made me realize that I really don't concentrate much on circles and curves in my photography. I think I will challenge myself to do this in the near future, and maybe I'll do a follow-up post.

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