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I’ve been intending to take some outdoor macros for some time now. I traded my Olympus TG-3 in on Amazon and used the funds to get the TG-4. So when WordPress posted the Weekly Photo Challenge: Close Up on Friday, and my new camera came in on Monday, I knew it was time to get to shooting (not that I couldn’t have used my primary camera, but it’s easy to have excuses when you want them).

In any case, here are some macros taken around my apartment. I’m hoping to go to a more exciting location soon…








Cicada Skin






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  1. Beautiful photos! I use the Olympus Tough as well, tough mine is the older TG-2. Is it worth upgrading, do you think?

    1. I really like that the 4 can shoot in RAW and has selective focus. Those 2 things were really important to me. But those are also the only 2 differences between the tg3 and 4. Not sure how much the tg3 differs from the tg4, but if you’re not concerned with RAW it’s probably not worth the upgrade. For me I probably wouldn’t have upgraded either for money reasons had I not been able to trade in my tg3 through Amazon.

      1. Good to know. I love the camera, but my zoom plays up sometimes so I’ve been thinking about what to do. Maybe an upgrade is the way to go. Thanks for the info!

  2. I like the noise in your ant photo (with the pink flowers). It makes it look more poster than photo. Spiders are icky btw, no one needs to see a spider that close up lol

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