Shutterbug Showcase – Cheese

Blogger’s World AKA Blogging 101 Alumni is a WordPress blogging group – open to all – especially those who have completed the Blogging U course Blogging 101 (now known as Blogging Fundamentals). I’m a member of said group, and while I’ll admit, I have not been a very active member, I’m jumping back in and participating in one of their many weekly features – Shutterbug Showcase.

Essentially, it’s a photo challenge with a new host every week. Members of the group volunteer to host different weeks and themes are passed from one volunteer to the next.

This week, I’m the host! Member @suzannebowditch hosted last week and gave me the topic ‘Cheese’ to respond to. Here’s is my response. Other members, as well as the general blogging public can respond with their own posts and leave a comment on the original thread in the Blogging World community (or you lot can leave a comment with your link right here if you’d like).

Handmade polymer clay Swiss cheese. Polymer clay mouse made in part with a mold made from a dollhouse scale toy then colored with pen and watercolor pencil.

For next week’s topic, I’ve selected ‘Relax‘ and @foodeezjunction will take up the torch and host the challenge.

View my original post on Blogger’s World.

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