Jacksonville Fair 2019

The fair is great. I probably don't need to convince you of that. But even though most the rides give me motion sickness these days, I still revel in the animals, junk food, and few rides that my body still allows. You may even remember the mini carnival I began to build and then had... Continue Reading →

WIP: Abandoned Amusement Park Part 2

Hi everyone, I'm still hard at work on bits and pieces of my abandoned amusement park set. You can learn more about the back story here. My first post outlines my week one progress from finding the most perfect kits at a local flea market, to beginning to design my own little details for 3D... Continue Reading →

WIP: Abandoned Amusement Park

Hi everyone, I've been tossing around the idea of creating an HO scale abandoned amusement park for quite some time. I drafted a layout and created a list of everything I needed to buy or make. And I've waited. I wanted to use IHC Carnival products as they're good quality, but tend to be less... Continue Reading →


  Made of scrapbook paper. Photographed with a purposeful lens flare. Edited with a slight motion blur. See previous: chair-o-plane, ferris wheel [Another for the Weekly Photo Challenge: Curve, and Pic and  Word Challenge: Wind]

Ferris Wheel

Made of scrapbook paper, and wire. Photographed with a purposeful lens flare. Edited with a slight motion blur. See previous: chair-o-plane [For the Pic and a Word Challenge: Wind, Daily Post: Summer and Weekly Photo Challenge: Curve]


Images reminiscent of the Circus (for the daily prompt). But probably a bit more solemn than they should be, for something generally considered joyous. Now I have to consider whether I should make some circus images...    


There are 3 images in this post. The swing ride at the fair has always been my favorite. There's just something about it. Pure joy. Built out of pink cardstock, tape and e6000. [Linking to the Daily Prompt: Festivus for the Rest of us - because clearly this would be an event during the new... Continue Reading →

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