Jacksonville Fair 2019

The fair is great. I probably don’t need to convince you of that. But even though most the rides give me motion sickness these days, I still revel in the animals, junk food, and few rides that my body still allows.

You may even remember the mini carnival I began to build and then had to put (and am still putting) on a very long hold.

The fair this year was no different. I met up with my long time friend and fellow fair attendee and we made our way over on Veteran’s day. Blanco Brown (who you may know from his song The Git Up) was performing and I way hyped.

Our to do list was see Blanco Brown, hang out with the animals, eat funnel cake and ride the swing ride. We got cheese fries and corn and then no longer had the stomach for funnel cake and couldn’t find an adult sized swing ride (but we subbed it out for the ferris wheel). So we covered basically all the to dos. And better than just seeing Blanco Brown perform, we had 3rd row seats and got to meet him after!

Here are some animals, so you can feel like you met them too.

Do you attend your local fair or something of the like?

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  1. I would call that a successful evening. Love the animal pictures. Hope your Thanksgiving was a blessed time. Take it easy for a few days before the Christmas rush. :D

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