Testing Out Dollar Store Clay

A new 'Will it Work?' video. Check it out and let me know your thoughts!


In continuing on with the spooky/Fall theme I’ll be sharing more Halloween-y images this month. Other than posting daily here, I also shared images using the Creepy TopicGenerator and posted on instagram in the#mabsdrawlloweenclub. So we continue, daily, never-before-shared on this platform spooky images. Hope you enjoy. If you play along, keep tagging #jhc and... Continue Reading →

WIP: Pokemon

Another update for you all! My dollhouse and it's Halloween interior, and my abandoned amusement park are still in progress (read more here and here). You will most definitely be seeing dollhouse related images next month. The amusement park will be here in time, but as I'm still working on sourcing 3 more ride kits,... Continue Reading →


Another image from a collaborative project I worked on recently, illustrating a screenplay. See the first image I shared from this project here. Polymer clay snails, photographed outdoors in natural light. Communing in the grass. [Posting to the Weekly Photo Challenge: Morning, and past Discover Challenges: Connection and Shared Journeys]


2 inch tall air dry clay wave painted with acrylic paint and HO scale (2cm tall) figure cut in half and with re-positioned arms. Backlit and photographed with Olympus TG4. [Posting to the Daily Post: Maybe and Weekly Photo Challenge: Morning]


Posting to the Discover Challenge: Adventure, the Daily Prompt: Childhood, and the Pic and a Word Challenge: Rain.


“The way to get over creative block is to simply place some constraints on yourself. It seems contradictory, but when it comes to creative work, limitations mean freedom.” - Austin Kleon I've been really off my game lately. Sick, super tired, etc. etc. I was already in a photo funk, then add all that and... Continue Reading →

Photography 101: Triumph

Congratulations to each and every one of you who made it through Photography 101. I for one, have really enjoyed the challenge, and now know, that when put to the test I can make a photo a day. For those of you who didn't participate in Photography 101, thank you for following along!

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