In continuing on with the spooky/Fall theme I’ll be sharing more Halloween-y images this month. Other than posting daily here, I also shared images using the Creepy TopicGenerator and posted on instagram in the#mabsdrawlloweenclub. So we continue, daily, never-before-shared on this platform spooky images. Hope you enjoy. If you play along, keep tagging #jhc and... Continue Reading →

Little Figures

The wonderful, lovely, kind, amazing, etc. etc. Sabina Ayne, of the blogs Library of Cats, The View through my Aquamarine Eyes, Doggie & Kitty Caperz, Spirit Stew and, Orange Marmelade Press, sent me so many miniatures my heart's going to explode. I played around with some shots on 5 of them so far and present... Continue Reading →


Better late than never. My first contribution to Bulldogtravel's Self Portrait Challenge. Granted...these images are not of me, but Kewpie had great fun taking shots of herself... View the challenge here:


  Nostalgia: A bittersweet longing for things, persons, or situations of the past. Longing: A strong, persistent yearning or desire, especially one that cannot be fulfilled. "Loneliness is the human condition, get used to it" - White Oleander by Janet Fitch As the days progressed the night seemed to come earlier And she would lie... Continue Reading →


I'm so tired she said and he agreed but what he didn't understand was the tiredness of which she spoke was not for want of sleep  

Whirring Room

The air conditioning is out. But even if it wasn't it wouldn't matter. The heat and humidity seep through the walls. Their little black tentacles swirling and twirling through every little crevice. I lay prostrate. A fan on a chair by my bed. The motor, a comfort, like the sounds of the womb. I sleep.... Continue Reading →

By the flowers, she was swept away

Here, she is finally alone. She drifts away in the quiet stillness. Dollhouse, 1:12 scale doll (made by Elena Gonchar), laying in a field of pink flowers. Photo shot with a tilt shift lens. You'll be seeing this doll a few more times coming up. I purchased her for a dream piece I'm making. I... Continue Reading →

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