I’m so tired she said

and he agreed

but what he didn’t understand

was the tiredness of which she spoke

was not for want of sleep


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  1. So happy to see you play them such a wonderful and right way…
    You are one of the rare magicians who speaks through my dolls.
    Love to see their second life. Such a loud and expressive one..

  2. How lovely this is… how evocative the words, insightful. How exasperatedly exhausted your figure. One wonders:

    exhausted by the burdens and frailties of a relationship
    exhausted by her partner’s failure to see the nature of her exhaustion

    And I wonder, did the words follow the image, or the image follow the words or, did both respond to the same calling?

    1. Thank you so so much. I’m glad it’s made you think. Not to ruin the mystery, but to answer part of your questions, the words came first with the picture to follow. Though both were planned at the same time. I just wasn’t able to solidify what the picture needed to look like until I got the words down on paper.

      1. Mmmm… mystery intact. :)

        The close cropping of the image expands the implied confinement in the words, the harried state of the figure implies an exasperation on top of the exhaustion, the asymmetrical frame strengthens the sense of a life out-of-balance.

        A very potent and effective collaboration of image and word.

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