Better late than never. My first contribution to Bulldogtravel’s Self Portrait Challenge. Granted…these images are not of me, but Kewpie had great fun taking shots of herself…

View the challenge here:[email protected]/23377451411/in/dateposted/[email protected]/23164161130/in/dateposted/[email protected]/23351471882/in/dateposted/[email protected]/23433811866/in/dateposted/[email protected]/23091991089/in/dateposted/[email protected]/23351475172/in/dateposted/[email protected]/23164171040/in/dateposted/[email protected]/23433814656/in/dateposted/

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  1. Thanks for participating! I am super happy to have you contribute and hope some of your readers will as well. I thought this was a fun little challenge since so many people today are selfie obsessed. I was inspired by some people who took some very professional and artistic self portraits. I love your take using your little doll. I think my favorite one is the sideways one. :)

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