For the Pic and a Word Challenge #63... The sentiment Patrick expresses in his prompt post in regards to finding beauty in the grey made me think of this image - largely monotone, I find the little spurts of grass quite appealing. That said, this is a posed image, fake grass against a fabric sky,... Continue Reading →

TG Friday – Yellow + Field

In response to the Writing & Photo Prompt Generator Yellow + Field. Join in with your own topicgenerator responses as I do my best to post my own each Friday. Learn more here: I'll be sharing a behind the scenes look at this image on this coming Monday's My Mini Monday.


I have such a nostalgic view of corn fields. I was born in Indiana, in the United States' Midwest. Beyond our backyard was a corn field that we could walk through to get to my uncle's house. Our outdoor cat Rebecca would run ahead of us, and we'd lose her at some point along the... Continue Reading →

By the flowers, she was swept away

Here, she is finally alone. She drifts away in the quiet stillness. Dollhouse, 1:12 scale doll (made by Elena Gonchar), laying in a field of pink flowers. Photo shot with a tilt shift lens. You'll be seeing this doll a few more times coming up. I purchased her for a dream piece I'm making. I... Continue Reading →

So close

to finishing my senior project and the book that goes along with it. Just 2 more images and The Conception and Sensation of time will come to an end (although I'm sure I will come back to exploring my dreams with miniature tableaux photography at a later date).

Weekly Photo Challenge: My Neighborhood

After I created this series, my professor pointed out that the scenery reminds him of the midwest. I grew up in Indiana, so I'm pretty familiar with the midwestern landscape, but in no way consciously had it in mind when creating this series. Regardless, ever since, this series has reminded me of "home" - of... Continue Reading →

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