I have such a nostalgic view of corn fields. I was born in Indiana, in the United States’ Midwest. Beyond our backyard was a corn field that we could walk through to get to my uncle’s house. Our outdoor cat Rebecca would run ahead of us, and we’d lose her at some point along the way.

Recently my grandmother, from Indiana, moved in with my parents in Ohio. They put her house on the market and it sold within a week. Great news, but I almost cried when I heard it. I will never be inside her house in her quite tiny town again. There was a corn field beyond her backyard as well, though it’s been a few years since they’ve grown crops there. I’ll always remember my grandfather throwing snapping turtles into the corn, over their fence marking the end of their backyard.

[For the Pic and a Word Challenge: Memory]

I’ll also take this time to mention that I massively dropped the ball on Photo and Commenting 101. I’m really too far behind at this point to catch up, and so be it. I’ll see if I can drop in next time they’re offered. You wouldn’t think 6 days away from the blog world could cause so many issues. I don’t regret it of course. Time with my grandmother was much more important.

Hope you all are well!


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  1. Lovely memories, indeed! I, too, learned that it’s best to start where I am and move forward! It’s too difficult and time-consuming to try to catch up with everyone’s blogs — even though I want to. But, you are so right that time with family is so much more important! Wishing you and yours a beautiful Easter.

  2. Like the old adage says – “You can’t go home again.” Beautiful photo and memory. I reacted the same way when my grandmother’s house was sold. So many happy memories …

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