For the Pic and a Word Challenge #63…

The sentiment Patrick expresses in his prompt post in regards to finding beauty in the grey made me think of this image – largely monotone, I find the little spurts of grass quite appealing. That said, this is a posed image, fake grass against a fabric sky, but I enjoy making desaturated-esque monotones with a hint of emotion and beauty.

Tall Grass

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  1. There is fun in the process of figuring out. This image certainly gives you a template for experimentation and investigation, eh? Looking forward to seeing the results of these. :)

    Hosting is my pleasure; my delight is seeing how others interpret the challenge =) Thank you for the many delights.

  2. I’m historically a full-on, totally saturated and vibrant kinda guy. But, it would seem, more-and-more I’m discovering the beauty of neutrals, especially greys, and have even taken to purposely de-saturating the colours, while reducing the contrast.

    It does create a mood, doesn’t it? And not always one so sombre, but sometimes… calm, peaceful presence. Like this one. Like lying on the shore grass, just beyond the sandy beach, listening to the gentle surf caressing the land on a mild, fog-laden day.

    So, yeah, love this image. Thank you!

    1. I adore your interpretation of this image and thank you for your response. I’ve wanted to create more somber desaturated landscapes but haven’t quite figured out what else would be successful in this miniature scale. Soon enough I hope. Thank you again for hosting.

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