Kodak and the Rise of Amateur Toy Photography

Hobby Toy Photography can find it's roots in Kodak's 1929 Picture Contest. From representations of boxing rings, lounging dolls and scenic expanses, toy photography spread as cameras came into the hands of the masses. The only place these images are published on the web.

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A Stop Motion Animated Film from 1934

https://ia800300.us.archive.org/35/items/The_Mascot_Complete/mascot_512kb.mp4 "Starewicz had become a master animator by 1933, incorporating techniques never used before and rarely since (such as moving the puppets during the actual exposure to create blurring for fast movement). His use of rear-screen projection is also surprisingly effective. But more important than these technical details is the great humor of his writing... Continue Reading →

Historic Dabbling in the World of Toys – Bahaus, Fotografia Metafisica, Surreal

While toy photography is a genre all its own, toys and miniatures in an of themselves are iconographic objects. This has led photographers who don’t always or often use toys in their work, to occasionally pull from the iconography of these objects. László Moholy-Nagy Maholy-Nagy believed art could lead to social transformation. From painting, to... Continue Reading →

Toy-esque Photographers | Onset of Photography through the 1980s

Photographers who at least dabbled in photographs of toys, miniatures, figurines and the like, a timeline. Click the names to learn more. Links and Photographer listing will be updated as I find more to add. [Last Updated December 27, 2020] 1898 Albert Smith & James Stuart Blackton 1898 Edward H. Amet 1912 Adolph de Meyer... Continue Reading →

Hans Bellmer – A Doll Day Feature

Today, August 2nd, is Doll Day and in realizing this I knew I had an interesting opportunity to talk about Hans Bellmer, an artist I recently came across while researching another post to come. Bellmer was a surrealist photographer in the 1930s. In his work he almost only photographed life-sized dolls he built beginning in... Continue Reading →

Surrealist Figure Photographers of the Mid 1900s

In trying to find the earliest toy photograph, I came accross the amazing work of these two. Their work can't be part of my early toy photography search as I've already found a couple that predate these, but it certainly is something to be noted nevertheless. Horst P. Horst (1906-1999) “I don’t think photography has... Continue Reading →

My Ongoing Search for the Earliest Toy Photograph

The definition of a toy photograph has to be slightly amended when discussing the onset of photography. Action figures didn't exist back then. However figures and miniatures of all types have been around since ancient times, with dollhouses joining them in the 16th century. I've discussed the Cottingly Fairies of 1917, and the Nymphenburg Figure... Continue Reading →

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